Friday, January 18, 2008

It's Papa's Birthday

We celebrated Mark's birthday yesterday. Can't do much as he was rushing his work. So just got him a simple cake and cooked a simple dinner. Hopefully we get to book a trip to have fun again.

A lovey dovey Breakfast
Chicken Chop Dinner
Time for the cake
Made this to decorate the cake

Jerome Goes To School!!

Yes... we finally decide to send him to a 3 hrs nursery class!!
Thanks Auntie Tiffany for coming by to help out on the first day! Jem was basically clinging to me every second. Haiz~ I thought it will be easy since he was in infant centre since a little baby. But he suffered pretty bad anxiety separation. Lucky Tiff was outside to keep Jay accompanied alas i won't know what to do.

On 2nd Day I was pretty much left on my own to cope. Prayed real hard the night before and thank goodness, the teachers helped me by. He cried a lot but te teachers are able to calm him down after a while.

3rd Day Mark took leave and drag me away to not know how much he cried.

Now? he waits for the school bus to come by everyday...

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I'm still plague with busyness...

yah... everyday's on a crazy schedule now.
Lemme try to blog our backdated news... Let's start with FOOD!!!
Check this out!! We tried the set for 2 at about $20+. OOhhh... the pork belly is nicely marinated and the brown mushroom with butter is superb!! The set comes with 2 different flavour of soups and 1 charcoal bbq. Try it out at the food centre near esplanade.