Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Our Usual Sunday Haunt

Almost 2 to 3 Sundays a month we can be found 'frolicking' at West Coast dog run in the afternoon. If having a dog ups the household expenses, the activity did it's part to balance it for we spend much less on those days we bring Jardin out.
Usually the schedule goes like this : Rise and Shine for my church service while the kids attend Sunday school. All will end after 1pm and we'll go for lunch at nearby hawker centre before picking Jardin up. Some days we'll pick him up and head to IL's stall at Clementi for lunch instead. Then off we go to the dog run. By the time we are done... it's either dinner at West Coast Hawker Centre or buy back. Wonderful isn't it... especially for a family of 4, to spend less than $50 for a Sunday. Nowadays, the boys can almost have an adult meal by themselves thus having a meal at shopping mall alone can easily be more than $50.
Hmmm.... it is supposed to be a dog run but somehow I think the boys run much more than Jardin most of the time. I think it could be because Jardin is still a puppy at 8months thus less stamina? But I do enjoy seeing them having fun in that big green field under glorious sunshine...

Beautiful Plants at HortPark

Monday, October 19, 2009


Came to realise how inconvenient not to have my flickr account running... there's just limited photos that I can share.
We had a beautiful day at Hortpark... the weather was cool and nice for a walk. We had been 'stuck' at parks in the west recently with all the recent errands to run in search for the new school and flat at Clementi. Hmmm.. or should I call it a sculptured garden? It is a beautiful place and we only managed to cover a small portion of it. Gosh! We are delighted to find that there's much more to cover and explore...
The kids love the place and had great fun especially at the play areas.. look at their cheeky ways. Even the daddy was attracted to join them.. As for me, i quietly tread along enjoying the lovely flowers.. for I'm once again unwell. This time.. the chest pains and discomforts seems to last for a long time :(

Busy Busy Quarter

I'm still caught in a busy schedule... now, what's new? Much had been accomplished though.. such as the kids' new school for new year, brushing up on Jem's phonics and packing up of our place etc. But a lazy bug taken a bite on me today and I seriously couldn't start my engine to do anything except to play with my games and kids.

We had just finished a round of catching at the playground and now seated in front of the tv watching a newly purchased vcd. Since my notebook is in front of me... I might as well blog while spending some 'quality' tv watching session with them.

Let's get it rolling with (as usual) FOOD....

Check out this Chewy Chocolate Soft Cookies we baked! Managed to get the kind of texture but somehow it is too rich for my liking... simply too chocolaty. Think need some twitching before posting the recipe... but look at the picture... doesn't it looks mmmmm... YUMMY!
I'm rather addicted to a cafe game in Facebook as well.. there's just this thing about kitchen that makes a woman either scream in exasperation or smile in satisfaction. Especially during tough times, I find myself seeking comfort in trying out more dishes (both online and offline)... its ironic, and definitely a fast way to add onto the pile of housework to be completed. But motherhood is really tough and one just needed some way to let off some "steam" before sanity evaporates to nothing.

Talking about that, I still remember some time back while rushing home from getting Jem's donuts.. I saw a hysteric mom with a cool teenage girl. She's down her knees (the mom) shouting at her girl (or mebbe to the world) and crying away... the conversation went something like this :

Mom : I really cannot take it anymore... please I beg you... go and die... go somewhere to jump down and die.
Daughter : Cannot
Mom : Why cannot?!?!? I cannot go on anymore... I beg you.
Daughter : I don't know where to jump.
Mom : (pointing to a nearby block) over there... I go with you now.
Daughter : Not today. Some other days perhaps... but not today. I still got things to do.

The mom screamed even more loudly but I'm pretty far from them to hear properly already. I am in a rush remember? But I did catch sight of some kind uncles loitering near them and calling police before striding off in peace lah...

So mummies... before you lose your cool, come by to pick up some recipes... I have plenty to share.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

9th Aug 2009 ~ National Day

One wonderful thing about Mark is he always give in to my desire to watch fireworks no matter how troublesome it is...

And this year.. Jem starts to understand and participate this national event. He hummed some of the National songs... pointed out and declared he likes our country flags... and most of all, sing S I N G A P O RE GO...... Singapore!

So this day... we all dressed up in red tops and went out to join the fun. hahahah, it was exceptionally funny when we were at the petrol station to top up on gas and most people were wearing red. Then Jem pointed to a couple that wasn't and said out loud,"These are naughty people, they wear the wrong colours." *oops!*
We had brunch at M Hotel till 3pm before going over to Suntec to search for that hard to find Chick Hick car. Thank goodness we finally found it at Carrefour after going to several places for past weeks. It was one of his favourite car in his collection, and we suspected Jay had thrown it away somehow. Knowing that he had been taking good of his collection for the past years, we decided to replace it for him after his persistent requests. Next we went off to the driving range at Marina for Mark to have a few swings... while the kids and I had some quiet time waiting for the parade to start. Beautiful weather... beautiful fireworks... While you can't count on me to increase the population anymore... you can be sure I'll do my best to guide my boys to be good Singaporeans.