Wednesday, February 13, 2008

CNY at Sentosa

We had been going for this event at Sentosa for the past few years.
I love flowers.. the fragrance, the vibrancy, the natural beauty of it. I'm really thankful that my beloved husband and kids are willing to walk through the garden with me every year. Although Jay zzz through it this time round.

We met Rhea who is working at the Song of the Sea. She managed to get us free seatings for the show and the kids enjoyed it. Jem calls it the "Fire Show"

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Day 3 at Batam

Brought the kids for a swim after breakfast before the ferry trip home. It's a short trip but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Having Jayden in our midst is a real joy with his constant laughter and playful nature. Jerome has blossomed into an assuring presence, filling us with unselfish hugs and kisses... and not to forget his,"nevermind, try again, it's okay..."

What's more wealthy than having a happy family?

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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Day 2 at Batam

Rise and Shine and it's my Birthday!!!

Went out for a walk while the rest are still zz'ing. Yeah... the bed's real comfy. The sea view there was not wow just as expected and water visibility as poor as over at Turi Beach. Still it's a nice place with fresh air that filled my lung with peace and joy. The short walk was really a nice break from the kids' hankering n crazily tight schedules i'd been living in recently.

Once the kids were up.. we went to the cafe for the complimentary breakfast buffet. Jem enjoyed turning the knobs and see his cereals tumbling out onto his bowl. So much so that he had 3bowls of it. Jay rather go for his beloved sausages and fruits. The coffee wasn't that bad but not as good as those in Malacca.

Went for another walk witht he kids this time before took the 11am shuttle service to Nagoya Town. This shopping mall is not as new as Megamall but it has a lot of fake goods. The fake goods looks real good tho unlike those available in Singapore. We wanted to have KFC but was lured by a Bak Kut Teh shop there. The soup had mixed offal in it and the owner, a guy with gold draping all over him, offered pig's blood. It's one delicacy that i used to love especially from the hawker stall back in Queenstown church but surprisingly i no longer have the guts to consume. We ordered a fish head curry and beansprout w salted fish to go along. Too bad Mark didn't really like Assam Pedas but the salted fish from Batam was a delight.

We went back with the hotel shuttle service and changed for water time at the hotel's beautiful swimming pool. My two water babies enjoyed themselve thoroughly and continued their splashing fun in the room's bathtub. I tried the green tea mani lulur during my shower n smell really nice. With the smooth skin and soothed soul from the scrub, we went to the cafe for the dinner bbq buffet and my birthday celebration.

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Friday, February 1, 2008

Day 1 at Batam

Finally, our long awaited family holiday trip!!

We dragged our two princes out of dreamland at 7am to catch the ferry ride to Batam at Habourfront. The boat ride was pretty smooth with Jem continuing his sleep. Jay was as usual climbing up and down, making us wonder if we can ever survive an air fligth with him.

Harris is just like the clean hotel with good service reviewed by many on the forum. Jay happily slurped down his Bandung Welcome Drink while Mark was assisted with an early room check in. Once our luggages are settled, we took a cab down to the Megamall. The 45mins of car ride wind us through several small towns, showing us the humble lifestyle of the residents there.

Once we reached the mall... we headed straight for A&W for lunch... and of course, Root Beer Float. The fashion there is not as trendy as Singapore but still quite a nice place to shop for simple clothings.. which suits me just fine. I was planning to get some white tank tops in Giordano but never had the time to. Imagine my joy when i found some of better materials at just 3bucks each!! Jem gotten a Thomas the Train for 5bucks too.. and it's a original TOMY toy! I couldn't resist getting a few bottles of the popular Mani Lulur at their hypermark.

We tried donuts from Jco but its a tad too sweet for my liking. Before we headed back to the hotel, we packed some Indonesia food for dinner from Solaria.. yummilicious! and all for 15bucks

We planned to go for bowling after dinner but the alley ran out of socks and didn't have suitable shoes for Jem. He looked so disappointed. Thank goodness he cheer up after a few rounds of snooker. The kids konked out at the end of the day.

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