Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bitten by Lazy Bug

Fell down some days back when the kids decided to splatter water from their bottle in the living room for some water play.

Somehow with the aches... i just can't bring myself to stand in front of the stove to prep the usual dishes.. so the family had been suffering on meals like this and a failed attempted of prawn noodles.

What's for dinner tonite? Prata Pizza and Shepherd's Pie... yah, the lazy bugs haven't left me yet.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fishing at FW1

Was back at Bedok Jetty but an heavy downpour came along....

So we went off for dinner and came to check on this pond which had been closed for quite some while now. We saw huge monsters swimming in the pond baiting us to throw in some hooks...

Only had 2 hours as the place closes at 10pm. Managed to get a pomfret up and Mark had a short fight w a 'Lightning McQueen' before losing the hook....

An uncle there didn't want to bring his catch home passed us his harvest (that's the bonus for having cute kids)... Oh yah, thanks to him too for guiding me on where to get the fish.

These are the harvest and i had to use my biggest roasting tray from ikea to cook my pomfret. I wonder how should I settle the other unknown monster fish....

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Lazy Day at Sentosa

Jem been asking to go play sand so we decided to give our fishing rods a break.
We made it his day by bringing him to Sentosa where he can 'take the train' and 'play sand' to his heart's desire.
Finally we get to go Vivocity and try Dian Xiao Er!!! YUMMILICIOUS!! We had the Dang Gui Roasted Duck, Spinach w Salted and Century Eggs, Soup of the Day and Fried Mee Sua.
That's Jem at VivoCity...

Jay having fun at Central Beach...
A nice sunset at the end of the day... before we headed off to Waraku Jap Restaurant for
some melt in the mouth beef slices.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sandcastle Beach

Found this beach while walking to the Bedok Jetty for some jigging... quite a few families were lazing around on their mats and letting their kids create 'dream castles'.

We bought similar sandcastle making set as well but never found suitable sands that can really 'hold the fort' up..hahahhaha, so this might be a good hangout soon.

Look at some of the works there!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Little Dishes from the Harvest


Tom Yam sauce with Crab Meat Fried Rice

Fillet coated with breadcrumbs

Pan Fried with Dark Sauce

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Night Fishing

The last time we fished overnight was when Jem's still in my tummy. Now that both are out.. we went for another go at the Taman Jurong Pond. Quite surprised we managed to tong till 5am the next morning. Here's our catch.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Children's Day

Brought the kids to Kids' Kampong on the 30th Sept for some fun. They were having a special package to celebrate Children's Day. It consisted an hour of longkang fishing, feeding of the animals, an ice cream, a goodie bag and a sure win lucky draw.
Jem had fun catching fishies and he did manage to get one live fish. Yeap.. the rest were my work and they are still happily living in my tank.

Jay joyfully played with the duck and the kois. But the little terror nearly went into the koi pond. Haiz~ definitely a sign that i can't let him run free just yet.