Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sponge cake!!

Finally!! with some help from Irene, i managed to fluff up my sponge cake...hehehhehe.

But made the mistake of coating it with buttercream...hahahaha. I just wanted to play w the piping tools so made the cream. But i really dun like buttercreams.

Use some of the remaining creams on the cupcake..

Some photos taken at Bottle Tree

Sunday at Bottle Tree

We were on our way to Aunt Melissa's place after church... decided to stop by Bottle Tree at Yishun for the kids to run around for a while.

Jayden fell asleep in the car so he zzz most of the time we there. That left Jerome to play on his own at the playground. Thank goodness he did not ask to go for the longkang fishing cos we were really not prepared for it.

Mark happily pushed the sleeping boy in the pram to watch the guys fishing.. hmmmm, we were quite amazed by the number of fishes caught there. But freshwater fishing is different from the kind that we have been basking in so far. Still it didn't stopped us from getting excited to know there's Song fish inside the pond!! Images of curry fish heads just kept flashing...hahahhaha

We had fun on this super old machine....

There's a restaurant there but we were on budget outing remember? so we tried out ther economic bee hoon instead, just for fun. Oohh!! The curry vegetables were good!! Really won't mind going back for it again... I guess the cooks are the same for the restaurant thus the skills?

Saturday Part II ~ Joe's Kitchen

We read the review on this Thai food 'restaurant' at Alexandra some time back and been wanting to try. You can read more about it here.
It's more like a cafe to me due to its size and they were rather slow in service.. but then again, they do not charge for services.
But the food was nice!! We went there pretty late but it was still full of people. Saw quite a few ordered the fried Thai fish .. but we had enough 'fish' for the day so we ordered Tom Yam Soup and Beef Green Curry instead... I would say the beef was nicely done and tender though I'm really not a fan for green curries. They always taste like savoury chendol to me somehow.. but Mark says he loves it.
Tom Yam Soup
Beef Green Curry
Now... don't think too much... we didn't leave our kiddoes to suffer in hunger... we did order pineapple rice for them.

Saturday at Bedok Jetty

It was a beautiful day so we wanted to head out for some fun... yah, u r right, which Saturday do we not head out for fun despite the weather. Oh well, we made it more challenging this time by making the activities low in cost.

First we went to Marine Parade Hawker Centre to have lunch... I couldn't find the yummy fish soup with bitter gourd that i like so settled for Meatball soup with bitter gourd. Not bad at all.... Mark went for the usual char kway teow but got disappointed. Somehow, the standard seems to drop or the cook's not in the mood that day. The kids had beehoon and slurped it down with Selegie Soya Bean Milk.. YUM!

(Didn't turn out that cheap a meal though cos our Little Pica got summon...)

What can be more economical then going Bedok Jetty with our rods to jiggle for some tamban (baitfish)? jerome got his share of space to run.. Jayden watched aeroplanes zooming by... and us, happily trying our luck under the sun.

We ended up with 1 tamban only and 5 other weird fishes... hahahaha

Look what we reduced our dive knife to... a tool for cutting up the baitfishes...haiz~

Then we went off for some economical Thai food at Alexandra Village.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Bake Bakery Bake

I was ill for quite some time... pretty unhappy that it took so long for me to recover this time round. So I decide to pick up my spatula and mixing bowl again to pass time. Yeah.. i know, i was supposed to rest as much as i can. Oh well, how much can one rest in the present of the 2 'monkeys' bouncing around.

I had tried chocolate cupcakes, butter cake and Japanese cotton cake.. all which i wasn't too satisfied with. Think i stopped baking for too long already thus just can't get the feel back.. thanks goodness before i get thoroughly discouraged, these little cuties turned up pretty decent. I decided to make these Banana Chocolate Chip Cupcake after Jerome complaint that the butter cake too oily to touch and wants to be fed instead... and the banana flavour was added in by accident... i bought the wrong flavour of fresh milk... oh well, it did turn out nicely fragranted.

Won't be stopping yet... i just gotten some nice advices from Mummy Irene to fluff up my sponge cake. Gonna try again soon... not to mention to get some lemon to bake some vol-au-vent... my favourite! YUM ! Yes, you guessed it right... i'm still not well... haiz~

MeMe ~ Before I was a Mom

Hahaha... Mummy Suzanne from Ning's Sweet Hut pass me this MeMe to play. So here it goes...

Before i was a Mom, I'm always having a splashing good time...

Before i was a Mom, backpacking was the way to travel for me.....

Before i was a Mom, I sling my 10kg camera setup and not a baby...

Before i was a Mom, my home was nice and cosy...

Before i was a Mom, I really believe that children are angels and not angelic monsters...

Let's pass this on to Mummy Rosalind ....

Monday, April 7, 2008

Lunchie at Astons

Finally !!! I get to go lunch at Astons after reading so much of it... It is really nice and yummy and quite comfortable environment too

Mark leisurely go through his Straits Time while Jay and I engaged in colouring. Jem was happily snoring away in the pram

This is Mark's order... Spicy Chicken Spagetti... came with a yummy soup.

This is mine nicely done medium rare prime ribeye, came with a choice of 2 sides. I chose the house salad and a mash potato to share with Jay. It was really gorgeous especially at the price of 13bucks!!

Brotherly Love

Jayden is more able to participate with Jerome in his games now... and sometimes it is really enjoyable to spend the weekend watching them playing together. They share kiddie rides together... Jem taught Jay how to play slides... how to do marching etc. But it's really noisy to have both chanting,"march.. march...march." especially indoor.


Bought the boys a packet of this alphabet biscuits... My dear Jem happily digged through the packet to form his name. Jay conveniently stuff those he dropped while rummaging into his mouth.


Haven't been feeling well lately... the kids and I were down with bad bout of cough and flu. Not much inspirations to blog so here's back to my old favourite topic...dinner.

Here's some dishes I've prepared for the past few nights :

Stir fry prawns with celery and capsicum

Fried Fish Soup

Black pomfret with Special Chinchilok sauce

Stir fry beef with Kale

Sharkfin Melon Soup