Monday, August 20, 2007

Fireworks @ Marina Bay

Gotten tickets for 18 August 2007 Firework competition at Marina Bay, kudos to Aunt Melissa!!

We gotta take public transport down so we went via the MRT Train. Jem hasn't been on it for a long while and got very excited. Phew! At least he didn't miss the car.

The 'musical' firework display was by China. Maybe we have been watching too many over the past years.. though many finds it good with a lot of explosives used, we found fault at the overall coordination. Many of my photos didn't turn out because the 'flower' wasn't completed before another one exploded near it...haiz~

After that we had supper with the aunties and uncles... and missed the last train!! But thank goodness still managed to get on a bus to Jurong East which made Jem excited all over again.

Fun and exciting day for the kids!! And yes... i love fireworks!

More photos :

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sweet & Sour Pork

on our dining table tonite

Saturday, August 11, 2007

My First Bak Chang

Spent whole day doing my first batch of bak chang... Ta-da!!! Here it is!!
Not bad right... got that bak chang 'shapely' look....heheheh. But the interior not good enough as the chang will fall apart when opened. According to my MIL, it's because i did not add a particular kind of powder that will help bind the chang. However, this substance is supposedly to be banned from normal usage though still available in chinese medical hall for medication purposes. Haiz~ wonder if there's other option to it as i wished to try again with roasted duck and enoki.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

In Memory of My Beloved Gran

Indeed, a reminiscence of Tioman were what we gotten. We gave the trip a miss to stay on with my Gran.

At 5am on 27th July, we were pacing the floor of TTS hospital trying to decide whether to fight for her life by going into ICU or letting her go... little did we know that our strong Gran decided to strive on for another 10 days without that 'extra' help.

On the 5th, she held my hand and said she's too tired to go on and ask for a prayer for the Lord's embrace back to Heaven. Her constant nodding to the prayer reflected nothing but pure innocent trust....but this simple act of faith will forever etch in my memory. She departed peacefully at 1am on the 6th August 2007.

Another moment to remember was when Jerome said,"Bye... Tai Po." as the coffin was pushed through the door for cremation.... the first and last time he greeted her.

No worries, Gran... your story of faith and strength will be pass on to my two Js.