Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hooked ?

Yah... we are definitely hooked on fishing. But it's sure good to be back with our ol' friend, THE DEEP BLUE SEA with another activity...

I bought my first set of rod and reel !!! A PENN.. whoa yeah !!! Well, i always feel that making a point to put in some investment will make the passion burns brighter and longer..hehehe.

We went to Pasir Ris Farmway 3 for pond fishing and prawning.. not must result from the fish but i managed to get 7 prawns in an hour!!!

End result... prawn and sausage omelette

Went Labrador jetty on Sunday.. managed to get some kunning, a lizard fish, a baby grouper which we mostly use as baits or release..

Friday, September 21, 2007

Cupcake Class at Shermay's

Seriously... took me a long time before i really decide to part with the school fees.. well, in the end, i comforted myself that the methods can be used on big cakes too. Now, i look forward to lotsa pretty cakes!!!

These are my creations!! not so mei mei but i'm happy with the first time effort!!

These are the originals by the teachers... mebbe one day mine will be just as pretty!!! But then again, Vivian who went with me made almost perfect ones already... haiz~ think i must practice more

Monday, September 17, 2007

Gone Fishing

We went over to Labrador for fishing for the first time as a family... before we throw in the baits, we had some family time, having a simple picnic. That's jem's and jay's ham sandwiches nicely cut up with toothpick for easy feeding. Jay can manage self feed in this way quite well now.

That's Jem reeling in... no joke! we did cast it out with a weight attached. Maybe when he is more proficient in handling his rod, we'll start adding the hook in.

Jay has his share of fun too....

Our catch of the day... we released it back into the water

More photos :

Jay In A Box

Jerome and Jayden seems to love getting into boxes recently... This picture shows how Jay will emptied his toy box to sit into it. Weird... i didn't name them Jack but yupz, they just love popping out of the box.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Car Please

Jem saw these boxes that came packed with the groceries from NTUC. He squeezed into one and start 'driving' his car. I went over to join him and he asked if we can make it into a car... so this became our craft for today !

I wrapped the boxes with mahjong paper for easy painting. Jem helped with the taping. Of course he didn't do an excellent job but i reinforced it while he was napping. Once wrapped, he went on with his fav art..PAINTING !!

Almost finishing with the paints...

TA-DA !! The finished project !

Here we go driving again....

Monday, September 3, 2007

Going Western

Shopped at Carrefour last night and came across some lambs on promotion... so bought some to have a special dinner treat. Hahaha... the kids definitely didn't fuss in clearing their plates!

The kids had honeyed grilled chicken with buttered potatoes and asparagus. First time Jayden attempted with the pick.... he's pretty good at it. I guess its simply 'gluttony' at work.

My Rosemary lamb (marinated with garlic, black pepper, olive oil and fresh rosemary, oven baked for 13mins @ 180`C) was accompanied by tomatoes drizzled with olive oil and basil, buttered potatoes and asparagus with jap mayo and bacon bits.

Although Mark gotten the bigger piece with extra bacon and asparagus rolls, it didn't manage to satisfied his ever growing tummy. He had to make noodle ommelette in the end. Haiz~ there goes all the walking exercise.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Whizzing round in S'pore public transport

Yep, i'm not well again thus the down time in this blog.

So is our car... thus we have been going round on public transport for the last two weeks. Look how joyous the kids are on their 'first bus ride', 'first train ride', 'first ezlink card' etc. Thank goodness that they adapt so well thus we are still able to go out and have fun without much fuss. Well, we benefitted from the absence of our Little Pico as well.... all the walks out to the Train station, supermarket etc definitely made us feel more 'contoured' now. Hmmm... if only i can convinced myself to let down my hair for a sexier look...