Thursday, August 20, 2009

9th Aug 2009 ~ National Day

One wonderful thing about Mark is he always give in to my desire to watch fireworks no matter how troublesome it is...

And this year.. Jem starts to understand and participate this national event. He hummed some of the National songs... pointed out and declared he likes our country flags... and most of all, sing S I N G A P O RE GO...... Singapore!

So this day... we all dressed up in red tops and went out to join the fun. hahahah, it was exceptionally funny when we were at the petrol station to top up on gas and most people were wearing red. Then Jem pointed to a couple that wasn't and said out loud,"These are naughty people, they wear the wrong colours." *oops!*
We had brunch at M Hotel till 3pm before going over to Suntec to search for that hard to find Chick Hick car. Thank goodness we finally found it at Carrefour after going to several places for past weeks. It was one of his favourite car in his collection, and we suspected Jay had thrown it away somehow. Knowing that he had been taking good of his collection for the past years, we decided to replace it for him after his persistent requests. Next we went off to the driving range at Marina for Mark to have a few swings... while the kids and I had some quiet time waiting for the parade to start. Beautiful weather... beautiful fireworks... While you can't count on me to increase the population anymore... you can be sure I'll do my best to guide my boys to be good Singaporeans.

2nd Aug 2009 ~ Outing at Pasir Ris

Normally our weekends are quite fixed now... spending our saturdays scouting around Clementi for flats and school. Sundays are spent in church and dog runs...

This day we went to Pasir Ris to top up on Jardin's stuff at Pet's Mover.

Before that we drop by this place for snacks... wanted to let Jem cycle but they had all their kiddies bikes out on loan:(

20th July 2009 ~ Jay's 3rd Birthday

No, I didn't bake a cake for him...

No, I'm not showing favourism...

I'm just being a mom that knows her kids well individually...

Many asked me why I didn't bake one for him like I did for Jem and I am surprised. It's just simply because I know Jay will not appreciate/enjoy/like it even more just becos I baked the cake.
One day... when I know he'll be happy to have a cake baked by mummy... I will.

Brought him to Go Go Bambini and he sure had a wild time... Didn't have much photo though due to the bad lighting :(

Jayden, dearest Jayden... mummy knows you love to play. May we have many moments of fun time in years to come!

9th July 2009 ~ Jem's 5th Birthday

Amazing how memories stayed with us throughout the years and brings on a smile whenever it arises...

At 4am I woke up to bake the first birthday cake I want to make for Jem... Sweetness filled me as I go through the batter, remembering how five years back, I woke up to inform Mark that the child's gonna arrive at around the same time.

It was hilarious to be online at 10plus and had frens telling me how they had to bug me on msn to head for hospital soon as well on that faithful day.

I'm happy to add on this cake for future reminiscene... Jem was very happy with it.

We celebrated the day in a simple way at Vivocity, getting his present, another Lightning McQueen collection. Yes... he is still crazy over the red car, showing strands of faithfulness in his character.
Indeed, my precious gem... may your faithfulness extends to the love for our Lord. For it is by His faithfulness, we managed to hold you in our arms... despited the weakness of the body.

4th July 2009 ~ July Birthdays

My family gathered at East Coast Park to celebrate for those whose birthday falls in July.

We had 2 dogs in our midst!! Our beloved Jardin and Phoebe, a Jack Russell.

The kids had a great time... the adults had a bonding moment and of course, makan session.

Blessed are those who have their families behind them at all times!

Mother 's Day 2009

A beautiful surprise came through the door for me...
A lovely touch from my husband dearest...

Jerome said he wants to give me flowers as well... in the many years to come. To show his sincerity, he plucked flower weeds downstairs. I was moved... very much... so much that I had to sigh when I had to go on to teach not to pluck flowers as it will kill it etc.

I love you guys.... very much.

May 2009 ~ Changi Boardwalk

24th May 2009 ~ Cousin Joanne's Wedding

It's a wonderful feeling to see the people whom you played with since baby times walking down the red carpet, holding the hand of their love... to take the vow of a marriage, a pledge to love of a lifetime.

Flashbacks of our childhood times where we spent endless hours playing jia jia jiu, taking turns to be the 'wife' and whipped up sumptous meals for the 'husband' ran thru the mind...

This is my cousin... may love and joy dwell in your family forever.
Elaine, Joanne, Me
Me, Joanne, Elaine, Kelvin

Joanne and me on her wedding lunch reception.

Back to My Blogging Days..

Wwow... It's been 4 months since I last blogged. Excuse for the absence? The arrival of our 3rd son, Jardin Ting.

No, I'm definitely not one of the good citizen that supports the government's call to procreate in action. That is not within my means.

So we added onto the family... a family puppy. One that is chosen and loved by all of us. It wasn't easy for us to come to a consensus on which kind of dogs we would want not to mention The One that we would all fall for. But by God's grace, after weeks of search... we found him.

Yah, another "him" despited my strong desire for another female in our midst. That elusive princess still did not materialise.

TAdA ! Jardin who joined us on the 10th May 2009, 6 months old as of this post :
The last few months wasn't easy for me really... to adapt to this new child of mine. While I love animals dearly... I'm more of a cat lover. Yes! I adore that arrogant, high and mighty creature. I love that baby who lazily lounge day in day out like some princess. So I've been busy learning to love this puppy who whines and craves for attention constantly... who follows me to every corner of the house... who care less for cleanliness (so very guy!!!)... who suffers separation anxiety... who constantly look at me with that set of doleful eyes hoping to be placed on the laps soon.

He definitely seeks attentions more than Jem and Jay!

But do I love him? Of course! Who can resist those sets of eyes? Thus the hours spent grooming, cooking, playing, training and walking him...

Another son... another gift from God...
And now I'm ready to be back on the blog... with more excitements in our lives.