Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas 2007

It's a beautiful Christmas this year... with my family with me in church. A cosy and warmth feeling indeed.

We went for a prawning session after that at Bishan.. hahahahha, till 2am. yah, the kids are with us. Jem continued to party with us when we reach home while Jay zzz away.

Let the photos do the talking

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas BBQ

Yep... not cooking on Christmas Eve this year as we have a Christmas musical to attend in church. So went for a bbq at Labrador instead.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Science Centre

The kids just love Science Centre... I guess there's just so much buttons to press and gadgets to spin... or mebbe it's simply a guy's thingy. But it is enjoyable to see them run from one display to another to explore the various effects.

Jay was so tired out after the trip that he zzz... while munching his nugget. yah... he did managed to finish it in his sleep.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

12 December!! Our 3rd Anniversary!

YES!! It feels uplifting to realise i've survived 3 years as a wife. Still remember how much i hated the idea of marriage but now i'm actually enjoying every bit of it. Not sure whether Mark has qualified me as a good wife yet though...

We went to Novena, Vienna Restaurant for a buffet lunch with the kids of course (where will we be without them). The food not too bad but very crowded. We gotta wait for quite a while since we did not do advance reservation.

After that, Jay went for his MMr jab and Jem for his chicken pox jab. Ouch! but i guess the PD is good since they din cry at all... i'm the one cringing away...hahahhaha

Monday, December 3, 2007

Busy busy weekend

it's one of those crazy weekend packed with to-do stuff again...

We went back to Toa Payoh for breakfast on our way to Pasir Ris. Went over to Farmway 1 for some fishing and prawning. Mark got to have a good fight with a GT.. and i get to hook up another Taiwan Ngor. Manage to sneak off for an hour of prawning while Jay zzz for his afternoon nap... pure luxury!

After that we proceed on to Aunt Kheng's housewarming at Yishun. The kids had fun playing together and my Jay had his fill with so many people anxious to stuff him with goodies and jellies.

Sunday morning was spent having Mac's Breakfast... somehow the Pioneer Mall Branch is serving more and more disappointing food. Managed to get the kids rest for a while behind heading off to Vivo for a rush Christmas shopping. Felt good to get what Jem wanted to put under the Christmas Tree!!!

Next we popped over to Kallang Leisure to attend the opening of "KenPro Shop" ... yeap, one of Mark's bowling frens. Jem get to play a game of bowling with me!! It's his first game and he enjoyed it immersely. We decide to cut down on our fishing and make it his monthly activity.

More photos at http://www.flickr.com/photos/ting-family/sets/72157603361882745/

Thursday, November 29, 2007

I am happy

Accidently went into MySpace and read some of the poems written last year before deciding to stay at home permanently and give up on that paycheck... this is one of it.

It's The Simple Things That Stays

Oh no, no more treats at restaurants, I think
But when Mark joins me at the table
With Jem banging his little hands on his high chair
The simple fares I'd prepared
Will do fine I think

Oh no, we have to tighten up on our spendings I think,
No more toys and Mocha Iced blend
Mark made a cuppa from those he bought in Malacca
And Jem offered me his little tea set
These will do fine too I think

Oh no, Christmas is round the corner I think,
With my new little nephews n all the little babes
I sure hope i have enuf for a little something
But little Kieran snuggle up my chin with a smile
That do fine for him I think

Oh no, there goes my diving trip again,
but that thot soon dissipate
With Jem splashing in his tub
And pass me his little watering can
That's perfectly fine I think

Oh no, how about the Aussie trip?
"Catch!" Too late the ball hit me
And their laughters ring so sweetly
As we run round the playround
Yeah, once again it's fine I think

The moon shines bright and the night arrives
A hug from Mark
And a kiss from Jem
Puts me back to dreamland
Knowing jolly well that all will be fine.

this came to mind....


Chasing my 2 Js round the house,
hearing their laughter rings out loud
chasing for deadlines to be met.

Screaming another round of "No! No touch!"
coaxing for the little mouths to open for food
cursing the boss for doing it last minute again.

Getting the house cleaned up and hot dinner done
with Mark lounging comfortably after work
more than having good appraisals

Playing dress up with them
donning a bowl for a hat
sipping red wine in a Bow and Tie event.

Dipping fingers into the paints
wiping creams out of tiny fingers
getting handshakes from the VIPS

Really... when you are with the things that really matters, having less might just amplifies the blessings a thousand fold.


Yes yes yes!! I'm playing with soils now... dipping my manicured fingers into the grubby brown stuff. What to do??? I simply love flowers and my prayers for a man that constantly shower me with some just din get answered... i just gotta make my own dream comes through.

I have started with a herb garden since flowering ones needs more cares... look what i've gotten!

Spring onions from big yellow onions... goes well with my fishies

Basil !! my fav !! next to oregano... had tried some in my sauces... yummilicious!!

Chilli padi from seeds.. think it's gonna survive since the 3rd n 4th leaves r out.. the pot behind are coriander seedlings.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Driving up to Malacca

Early at 8am on 8th Nov, we met up with Winney's family at the Woodland's Carpark and started off to our first drive up to Malacca.

Our first stop is to Tebrau Justco to have a nice breakfast of toast and eggs. And of course topping up on necessities like more chips?

Next we moved on to Muar for the Kopi that Alicia's dad had recommended. Oh my... what a out of the way town. But it turns out to be a pretty little place which i think i'll like to go back if i have the chance again. It has loads of shoe shops, nice food and great otak!!

Finally we reached Jonker St. at 4plus.. and of course we had to go get our hands on some heavenly chendols after enduring such a long ride. Afterwhich we settled our dinner at Newton Food Centre, satisfying our tummies with hot bak kut teh and yummy sambal sotong. Back to the car, we rolled on to our 'home' for 2 days... A'Famosa Condotel

Rise and Shine to the Animal World!! Personally I think Bangkok one is more enjoyable but we still had fun. The Safari ride turned out to be more of a F1 track... behold a stuffy one. The package came with lunch and it was pretty amusing to have food vouchers. The kids had fun feeding the elephants with sugar canes and taking boat ride to a small island.

Evening time see us back in the town queueing up at Satay Celup. Woah!!! Super yummy!! SOmeone should bring this into Singapore... Then we went for the night market at Jonker st. Yes!! more chendol and this time round... we found Mango Chendol!! I luv their modern clogs but din get a pair... well, kinda regret now.

Day Three brought us at Mahkota Parade which little Jerome had to choose MacDonalds. Oh well, i do miss having Double McSpicy and Mark's Beef Foldover was yummy as well. We got Jem his toy golf set. Yes!! i have to mention the wonderful Cornetto Sundae at the Mac which i had before we left the building.

Drove off to look for the elusive peranakan food nearby... turned out to be a hard search. In the end, we settled for The Chicken Rice Ball where they do serve some nonya dish as well. Well, not too bad... the sambal was nice and our tummies were full for the long ride home...

More photos at : http://www.flickr.com/photos/ting-family/sets/72157603133582543/

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Fishing at Marina South

The pond at Marina South is going to close soon to make way for the big project. Been seeing a lot of good catches from other anglers so we decided to have a go before it is gone forever. First time that we actually go for two rods at a paypond.. a bit painful to the pocket but joyful in the heart.

We had Dim Sum Buffet at Ocean Orient with Winney's family in the morning then proceed to the pond with them joining us for a while... Then later in the evening, Ivan came along with his brother.

Total catches : 3 barramudi, 1 Mangrove Jack, 1 Golden Pomfret

More photos at : http://www.flickr.com/photos/ting-family/sets/72157603132874825/

Friday, November 2, 2007

Lazy Dinner

One of the lazy dinner we had out of the fish we caught and frozen pratas. The kids had baked prata with sausage and cheese and shepherd's pie.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bitten by Lazy Bug

Fell down some days back when the kids decided to splatter water from their bottle in the living room for some water play.

Somehow with the aches... i just can't bring myself to stand in front of the stove to prep the usual dishes.. so the family had been suffering on meals like this and a failed attempted of prawn noodles.

What's for dinner tonite? Prata Pizza and Shepherd's Pie... yah, the lazy bugs haven't left me yet.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fishing at FW1

Was back at Bedok Jetty but an heavy downpour came along....

So we went off for dinner and came to check on this pond which had been closed for quite some while now. We saw huge monsters swimming in the pond baiting us to throw in some hooks...

Only had 2 hours as the place closes at 10pm. Managed to get a pomfret up and Mark had a short fight w a 'Lightning McQueen' before losing the hook....

An uncle there didn't want to bring his catch home passed us his harvest (that's the bonus for having cute kids)... Oh yah, thanks to him too for guiding me on where to get the fish.

These are the harvest and i had to use my biggest roasting tray from ikea to cook my pomfret. I wonder how should I settle the other unknown monster fish....

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Lazy Day at Sentosa

Jem been asking to go play sand so we decided to give our fishing rods a break.
We made it his day by bringing him to Sentosa where he can 'take the train' and 'play sand' to his heart's desire.
Finally we get to go Vivocity and try Dian Xiao Er!!! YUMMILICIOUS!! We had the Dang Gui Roasted Duck, Spinach w Salted and Century Eggs, Soup of the Day and Fried Mee Sua.
That's Jem at VivoCity...

Jay having fun at Central Beach...
A nice sunset at the end of the day... before we headed off to Waraku Jap Restaurant for
some melt in the mouth beef slices.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sandcastle Beach

Found this beach while walking to the Bedok Jetty for some jigging... quite a few families were lazing around on their mats and letting their kids create 'dream castles'.

We bought similar sandcastle making set as well but never found suitable sands that can really 'hold the fort' up..hahahhaha, so this might be a good hangout soon.

Look at some of the works there!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Little Dishes from the Harvest


Tom Yam sauce with Crab Meat Fried Rice

Fillet coated with breadcrumbs

Pan Fried with Dark Sauce

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Night Fishing

The last time we fished overnight was when Jem's still in my tummy. Now that both are out.. we went for another go at the Taman Jurong Pond. Quite surprised we managed to tong till 5am the next morning. Here's our catch.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Children's Day

Brought the kids to Kids' Kampong on the 30th Sept for some fun. They were having a special package to celebrate Children's Day. It consisted an hour of longkang fishing, feeding of the animals, an ice cream, a goodie bag and a sure win lucky draw.
Jem had fun catching fishies and he did manage to get one live fish. Yeap.. the rest were my work and they are still happily living in my tank.

Jay joyfully played with the duck and the kois. But the little terror nearly went into the koi pond. Haiz~ definitely a sign that i can't let him run free just yet.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hooked ?

Yah... we are definitely hooked on fishing. But it's sure good to be back with our ol' friend, THE DEEP BLUE SEA with another activity...

I bought my first set of rod and reel !!! A PENN.. whoa yeah !!! Well, i always feel that making a point to put in some investment will make the passion burns brighter and longer..hehehe.

We went to Pasir Ris Farmway 3 for pond fishing and prawning.. not must result from the fish but i managed to get 7 prawns in an hour!!!

End result... prawn and sausage omelette

Went Labrador jetty on Sunday.. managed to get some kunning, a lizard fish, a baby grouper which we mostly use as baits or release..

Friday, September 21, 2007

Cupcake Class at Shermay's

Seriously... took me a long time before i really decide to part with the school fees.. well, in the end, i comforted myself that the methods can be used on big cakes too. Now, i look forward to lotsa pretty cakes!!!

These are my creations!! not so mei mei but i'm happy with the first time effort!!

These are the originals by the teachers... mebbe one day mine will be just as pretty!!! But then again, Vivian who went with me made almost perfect ones already... haiz~ think i must practice more

Monday, September 17, 2007

Gone Fishing

We went over to Labrador for fishing for the first time as a family... before we throw in the baits, we had some family time, having a simple picnic. That's jem's and jay's ham sandwiches nicely cut up with toothpick for easy feeding. Jay can manage self feed in this way quite well now.

That's Jem reeling in... no joke! we did cast it out with a weight attached. Maybe when he is more proficient in handling his rod, we'll start adding the hook in.

Jay has his share of fun too....

Our catch of the day... we released it back into the water

More photos : http://www.flickr.com/photos/ting-family/sets/72157602042242736/

Jay In A Box

Jerome and Jayden seems to love getting into boxes recently... This picture shows how Jay will emptied his toy box to sit into it. Weird... i didn't name them Jack but yupz, they just love popping out of the box.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Car Please

Jem saw these boxes that came packed with the groceries from NTUC. He squeezed into one and start 'driving' his car. I went over to join him and he asked if we can make it into a car... so this became our craft for today !

I wrapped the boxes with mahjong paper for easy painting. Jem helped with the taping. Of course he didn't do an excellent job but i reinforced it while he was napping. Once wrapped, he went on with his fav art..PAINTING !!

Almost finishing with the paints...

TA-DA !! The finished project !

Here we go driving again....