Tuesday, July 29, 2008

19th Jul ~ Celebrating Jay's Birthday Part II

Over at Sentosa, despited a passing shower... we had fun. Jem was as usual engrossed in his digging. Instead, the birthday boy seemed to have no interest atall and kept wandering off. He was more keen to play at the new playground and the ladder up to the watch tower.

I was getting upset that he wasn't enjoying much of his celebration and decided to bring him near the water. It was definitely the catalyst as he immediately switched into his rowdy self and start to jump, splash non-stop. The brink was not satisfying enough, he had to plunge deeper into the water. Yupz~ he definitely had his fun...

Thank goodness we did bring extra change.
More photos at http://www.flickr.com/photos/ting-family/sets/72157606419331985/

19th Jul ~ Celebrating Jay's Birthday Part I

It is Jayden's birthday tomorrow so we let the kids 'celebrate' it in a fun way today. Thinking that Jay likes to dig into sands recently, we chose to go to Sentosa. But first, we went to have lunch at Vivocity. Swenson was chosen for its fingerfood and ice cream treat. But really.. i don't enjoy their food much even when it comes with free flow of salads. Still prefer Sizzler's salad bar.

Here's what we have :

Sausage roll...

Clam Chowder Hot Pot

Fish and Chips

The kids get their ice cream treats of course :

Jay's ice cream... he likes bananas.

Jem's ice cream... he likes the cone.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Lunch at New Chinatown Hawker Centre

Went to have lunch some time back at the newly reopen Chinatown Hawker Centre. Gosh!! There's really plenty of choices...

Mixed Beef Soup

Roasted meat. It's located behind the beef noodle stall... it has a constant queue going on so we couldn't resist ordering some to try. No regrets cos its really crispy and yummy... tho the char siew might be a tad too fatty for some to accept.

Delicious pork satay.. It's really yummy!! Just like those we had when we were young.. with the meat thinly sliced with a fatty piece in between then grilled till crisp. And not to forget the pineapple sauce in the satay sauce...

Monday, July 21, 2008

Another cake for Jem

We really had too much cakes this month but I simply couldn't resist not get getting Jem this one when I saw it. Oh well, take it as a reward for being a good boy then

9th July ~ Jem turns 4!!!

My beloved Jerome turns four today!! I still remembered the time when he first stick his tongue out at me while the nurse attempted to clean him up.

Mark took leave and we headed over to Suntec area as I had a trade fair to attend. We had chosen to go for an DIY ice cream buffet over at Marina. It started as a normal steamboat w bbq then later on, they will change the tray n switch it to freezing cold. Ice cream mixture will then be poured in to be freeze into ice cream. Tiring work... and definitely a good workout for the arms.
Then I went to work while Mark brings the boys to Toys R'us for Jem to choose his present. He had to get Cars stuff again. haiz~
We met up and went off to Kallang for them to run free together w a remote controlled car. It's the usual playground they go and we had our cake cutting there as well. Jem was very happy with it although he wanted Tom and Jerry one. When he started to feed everyone, sharing that small cake of his.. I truly felt my boy have grown up.

How many years more do I have before he decides that celebration is more fun with his buddies....

Sunday, July 20, 2008

7th July ~ Invitation to a birthday party

Jem was invited to a birthday party at Build-a-Bear over at Singapore Flyer.

Sad to say when we were on the way there, he was moaning insistently,"No ferris wheel...". Thus we didn't go up to the Flyer though he gotten a free ticket. But he did get pretty excited to step into a shop full of teddy bears.

We had breakfast at Popoeye Chicken and it was pretty much a disappointment... awww, it thoroughly kills any cravings I used to had for it.

The kids had great fun 'fixing' up their bears at various stations... and I had mine going through the shelves of cutie clothes...ooohhh they are simply tiny and pretty!! I was extremely tempted to get one bear for my own... thank goodness they didn't have one handsome enough to 'steal my heart'.

Jem named his Noddy and I'm not ashamed to say that Noddy now happily resides on my bed...

oh yes... it came with a box that's like a house and we spent an afternoon painting it up as well...

Overall, it was bearie fun...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Jem and Jay's birthday party

My boys are growing up fast! Sometimes too fast for me to capture their childlike loveliness..

We celebrated their 4th and 2nd birthday over the weekend with some friends. Wanted to have Thomas the Train theme this time round but Jem simply refused. He chose to have his Cars thme again. Oh well... he's the birthday boy. I can only give thanks that Jay has yet to be able to voice out his opinion.

The banner is in blue and white cos initial plan to have Thomas... Lucky we had 2 posters of Cars from buying the goodies bags recently at Toy R'us alas I'll really have a headache on making this.

Some of the little guests... we are glad to have Adrian joining us for the first time.

Goodies bag for the girls... the boys have blue ones with teddies.

More photos at http://www.flickr.com/photos/ting-family/sets/72157606046765813/