Wednesday, November 5, 2008

High Up on the Singapore Flyer

Jerome had a ticket for the Flyer and it's expiring soon. Last minute we decided to utilise it so Mark took his leave. We wanted to give it a miss initially as we felt the kids will not really enjoy being enclosed in a small place for half an hour. We were wrong... they enjoyed themselves thoroughly though a large part of the reason was the race track for Formula One was still around.

As for us, the adults...hmmm, how to put it? There was a tinge of romantism but being tainted with sights of construction works.. it dissipated pretty fast.

Nice trip... but will be a while that we part those kind of money again.

Beachy affair with Tyra

Met up with Tyra one day after her saturday class to play. We waited for her at a teahouse near sixth avenue.. food, not too bad.

We headed over to Playground at Big Splash despite the shower. Not a wrong choice cos the kiddoes had fun.

It's heartwarming to see the kids' blooming friendship as they grow over the years, not forgetting the one between the parents as well. Who knows one day, we will la kopi and watch our grandchildren digging through those same sands...

Miles of oceans apart

At this very moment while I typed... Mark and I are miles apart. He is away in Shanghai for an incentive trip.

While many are concerned about how am I coping on my own with the two kids, or how is he coping with the melamine rich food in china, I only have one thought... My husband whom I'm so accustomed to have him walk through the door each night at this time is far away from me.

No, I'm not turning into a depressive maniac nor striked with love sickness... Instead, I'm awed and amazed by love. 10 years of living on my own made me appreciate and adore my freedom, thinking that I will always value those moments of singlehood. Truthfully I had valued and even looked forward to such trips which I can be relieved from my duties as a wife and be myself. Yet on this night, going 4 years into my marriage, I came to understand what the bible meant to have love that binds us together as One. For this very moment, I'm aware that part of me is missing...

You can laugh at the mushiness... or entertaining the thought of puking but I'm still gonna indulge in my infatuation. And I wish that people around me will continue to be swept away by this crazy thing call love.

It's been some time

It sure has been been some time since I have last posted.

The whole family was constantly down with flu, fever and cough for 2 weeks and I had bad bouts of chest pains which the doc can't confirm the cause. But thank God I managed to clear the ECG test.

After that was crazy work schedules...

So here I am... back to my writing days.

I'll start the drum rolling with photos of Jem's haircut sometime back at Vivo City. Doesn't he has the look of a hooligan?