Friday, September 5, 2008

Bowling session at Ehub

Jem really wow at the Ferris Wheel but many had warned me beforehand that it's expensive and nothing much to it... so I just let him gaze till his heart desire and then walk off.
Found this bbq chicken shop with nice pink comfy couches... the popcorn chicken is nicer than those in KFC in my opinion. And it comes in a cup with drink below the chicken... very cute!

Jem's getting better at bowling now and can easily last through 2 games. He had a good time :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Kids Day Out

Mark took this day off so that we can spend some time to join Jem in his holiday. Initially planned to have Mac's breakfast, but we miss the timing as Mark had to go back to office to run some important errands.

So we ended up having KFC at kallang instead... anywhere with an indoor playground for the kids.
Then we went off to Bedok Jetty to let Jem play with his new reel. Yes! His 2nd reel... a blue baby that caught his eyes while we top up on our fishing gears. Somehow he managed to get the line all tangled up. This time round, jay had some fun too... it somehow tickled him to see the fishes kept jumping when we hooked it up. So he busied himself laughing over the fishes with the brother.

Evening time, we went on to Changi T3. Took a nice coffee break at Secret Recipe while Jay's napping. Simply gotta show this pic of Choc Banana Cake.. yummilicious with chunks of banana in the midst of choc cream.
They had a good time running around before having dinner at the food court.
I love this pic.
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