Monday, March 10, 2008

Part of Your World

While preparing for their lunch, I caught sight of the kids being entranced by this nice music from the show on the tv. Finishing up what I had to do in the kitchen, i joined them to watch what's enrapturing both the boys' attention.

They are actually watching Little Mermaid 2. Beautiful Ariel that I watched when I was a mere 12 years old now too became a mummy like me! Memories of me humming/singing through the songs with xiu, gina in the classroom in between classes flashed before me. And now, I'm watching Ariel's daughter, Melody's adventures with my sons!!!

If i had a fourth person in the house... I would pretty much ask that person to take a shot of us curling on the cushions, eyes glued to the show. Jem went "oh no!" when the fishes were being attacked. Jay said "oh-oh!" when rocks came tumbling down. And yes.. i just had to sit through the whole show despited my long to do list. Both of them actually clapped when Titan finally got back his "fork" and attacked the witch!! Not that I'm actually happy that my kids are rejoicing at someone being frozen and sunk deep into the sea, but I can't help having delights that I had my sons to share through a movie with me.

The show ended with the song "Part of Your World". Call me a wimp but yes... tears simply rolled down my face. Once, I was just like Ariel... wishing for the world out there. The depth of the ocean, the stone laid path of Germany, the snowy mountains of switzerland... wishing just to feel more of what the world can give. And yet today, we are contented to be part of our kids' world, waiting to partake in their adventures as they find their own desires for explorations.

If the name "Caroline" stands for Song of Joy... then Jerome and Jayden must be the Melody.

Saturday - Part 2

Frankly speaking... the Playground wasn't that a wow place. But it does have quite a few nice spots to chill out.

We wanna wait for the fireworks at 7:45pm... so took spent some time walking around. First stop.. a bladng shop. YES!! I wanna take up blading together with Jem and Mark. Ooohhh, the Filas blades are just so cool!!! The course is 75bucks per pax but we really have to think whether we want Jem to go thru this first or swmming lessons first.

I have been trying to get Jem to go for rides for quite some time now. It's real irony when i keep seeing parents trying to pull their kids away frm kiddies' rides while I have to keep asking and only be rewarded with a vicious shake of head. BUT today, he said YES!!! He set his eyes on this red scooter (okay, motorbike..). Not cheap... 2bucks for 5mins but i still gotten him 15mins of playtime. He took some time to get the hang of it before zooming off in circles. And at last! I gotten the luxury of a crying child refusing to end his ride...

There's still some other stuff but they soon got bored, not to mention that Mr Sun was working hard that day. So we headed off some some cool shades under the trees near the beach. Father and kids had some nice bonding time as well.

While waiting for the fireworks, we chilled at this restaurant. Coffee not too bad, better than those instant ones bought back from Malacca thought it's the same brand. Dinner was good though. Ooohhh... the soup prawn noodles were really nice!! Mark enjoyed his Nasi Lemak. The kids had kaya sticky rice... weird combination one may think but what till u try out the kaya.

Saturday - Part 1

Someone shared that there was Levi's warehouse sale going on at MacPerson so we decided to go and see if we can get some good buys. But not before having a nice Vegetarian Beehoon breakfast back in TPY Lor 8 market on the way...

I don't really undersatnd why i still bother to go for such sales... like what Mark says, i never fails to shake head and walk away from crowds and messes. Yeap, i went off empty handed. So we headed off to Beach Road and Middle Road instead to get the necessary materials for Michael's ROM decor. As usual, we started off with food... check out this Katong Laksa .

Soon, the kids starts to protest. Hmmm... I'm not too sure if i'm glad at the fact that Jem can voice out his needs and wants now cos he seems to make sure he participates in planning for the weekend's programmes recently.

Oh well... to be fair, we went on to East Coast Playground Opening for some playtime....

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A nice trip

Jem is having an excursion today thus yesterday he had no classes on. He got bored pretty soon at home. Started to fuss and kept asking for more worksheets. So i decided to bring them out instead although it was drizzling.

It was my first attempt to bring them to Science Centre on my own. Well, I thought it is a pretty enclosed place so it will not be that hard right?

We reached at about 3.30pm. So happy to see the school students leaving and have the place to ourselves. Both of them got excited once we stepped in. Jem kept running from exhibits to exhibits but he did take care not to run out of my sight. We used the pram which Jay can stand on while strapped so he was able to enjoy the buttons and watched the exhibits get activated as well. Thanks goodness i made that choice cos it was a joy to watch Jem showing him the various buttons and wheels... and not to mention those using marbles.

When we reach certain halls, Jem will request for Jay to be let down for a run. So enclosed area it may be, but i still gotten tired. Lucky they got hungry after some time and ask for a snack. So we headed to the cafe for some chicken popcorns and fishballs. Then headed back for more viewing till they closes at 6pm.

We continued playing and running at the garden before going over to the Omni theatre where they watched clips on dinosaurs movie. Jem said he was hungry again so we went for Sakura Buffet while waiting for Mark to come. Can see the kids were famished by the way they gobbled down fotomaki, cheese hotdogs, satays etc. Mark joined us soon and tired Jay fell asleep so we continued our meal in peace. It's been so long we get to enjoy such a leisure buffet...

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