Thursday, August 20, 2009

9th Aug 2009 ~ National Day

One wonderful thing about Mark is he always give in to my desire to watch fireworks no matter how troublesome it is...

And this year.. Jem starts to understand and participate this national event. He hummed some of the National songs... pointed out and declared he likes our country flags... and most of all, sing S I N G A P O RE GO...... Singapore!

So this day... we all dressed up in red tops and went out to join the fun. hahahah, it was exceptionally funny when we were at the petrol station to top up on gas and most people were wearing red. Then Jem pointed to a couple that wasn't and said out loud,"These are naughty people, they wear the wrong colours." *oops!*
We had brunch at M Hotel till 3pm before going over to Suntec to search for that hard to find Chick Hick car. Thank goodness we finally found it at Carrefour after going to several places for past weeks. It was one of his favourite car in his collection, and we suspected Jay had thrown it away somehow. Knowing that he had been taking good of his collection for the past years, we decided to replace it for him after his persistent requests. Next we went off to the driving range at Marina for Mark to have a few swings... while the kids and I had some quiet time waiting for the parade to start. Beautiful weather... beautiful fireworks... While you can't count on me to increase the population anymore... you can be sure I'll do my best to guide my boys to be good Singaporeans.

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