Monday, October 19, 2009


Came to realise how inconvenient not to have my flickr account running... there's just limited photos that I can share.
We had a beautiful day at Hortpark... the weather was cool and nice for a walk. We had been 'stuck' at parks in the west recently with all the recent errands to run in search for the new school and flat at Clementi. Hmmm.. or should I call it a sculptured garden? It is a beautiful place and we only managed to cover a small portion of it. Gosh! We are delighted to find that there's much more to cover and explore...
The kids love the place and had great fun especially at the play areas.. look at their cheeky ways. Even the daddy was attracted to join them.. As for me, i quietly tread along enjoying the lovely flowers.. for I'm once again unwell. This time.. the chest pains and discomforts seems to last for a long time :(

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